Yes! I have a card.

Yes! I have a card.

Less than a year ago I decided to quit a job where I had worked for the past 7+ years to open my own business. If that’s wasn’t frightening enough, I was starting a type of business few people, in this area, had ever heard of. I was going to be a Personal Chef.

When I chose to turn my back on the corporate world (and a steady paycheck) I had already missed 3+ months of work due to a recent surgery. Now I was about to embark on, most certainly, many more months of zero income.

When I told friends of my plans, I could see doubt in their eyes. Okay, it didn’t help that I first had to explain to them what a Personal Chef did as well as who in the world would want to hire someone to prepare a week’s worth of meals. Everyone seemed to have an opinion on how such a business could fail. Even my accountant had no idea such an industry existed and questioned my ability to find clients. The only thing I didn’t hear, from anyone was, “I didn’t know you could cook”.

None of that mattered. In my heart I knew I could do this. I also knew being one of very few Personal Chefs in the area meant I would be established before the market became saturated.

Starting any new business is difficult. Starting a new business in a new (to this area) industry is even harder. Not only did I need to get my name out there, I needed to convince potential clients that they needed my services. So… I took to the internet.

I had a little experience with HTML and understood the importance of Keywords. Within a few days, I had a rough website up and running and established a business email account. It wasn’t much but it was enough to get me found online. Within a few weeks I gained my first customer! It didn’t take long for me to realize, “This is really happening.” and “I have a business!!”

In a few short months I’ve gone from wondering when my phone would ring to being booked several weeks out with repeat clients and those with weekly standing appointments. I’ve even had to start not scheduling clients on certain days so I have time off. (Another perk of being self-employed)

What a difference a year makes!

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