What is a Healthy Diet to You?

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We’ve all heard the saying, “Never discuss politics or religion”. If you’ve not noticed by now, you may want to add “Healthy Diets” or food in general to that list.

As a Personal Chef I have met and cooked for all types of people from all walks of life. From the health conscious 30-something Vegan who only wants local grown, non-GMO, organics to the 86yo heavy smoker whose truly believed a spoonful of peanut butter with a handful of pills was an acceptable breakfast. Oh, and “Slim-Jims” count as a protein! The only thing that’s constant is their rock-hard opinion on what constitutes a healthy diet.

Peoples beliefs about what they should or should not eat is almost like a religion. They are steadfast in their opinion and there’s no use trying to discuss other possibilities with them. We won’t even talk about how some folks allow their politics to influence their grocery selections.

As I’ve stated in nearly every post, I’m not a dietitian, medical professional or trained nutritionist. It’s not my job to change your idea of what a healthy diet should be. (As if my opinion would matter.) I simply provide a service and prepare what my clients request.


No amount of common sense should be required to understand, skipping breakfast all together or having nothing more than 1/2 cup of raw carrot juice or a double-shot espresso probably isn’t good for you.

Did you skip school the day nutrition was discussed?
Have you never considered those who study human dietary requirements may have a slightly higher level of knowledge of what’s required to keep your brain firing and heart pumping?

What made you think it was okay to feed your 9-year old bread sticks, canned cheese-like goo, fried okra and grape soda for dinner?
Do you really believe that “meal” = a starch, dairy/protein, vegetable and fruit or was it just easier than baking a chicken breast and peeling a few vegetables? (btw, this mother was a 6th grade school teacher and she honestly thought grape soda contained real grape juice.)

On the other end of the spectrum is the person that’s so convinced that everything that’s not home-grown with filtered rain water is going to kill them. They take to heart every facebook ad that reads, “The 7 Foods You Should Never Eat”, “What Big Pharm Doesn’t Want You To Know” and anything Dr. Oz has been paid to endorse this week.

I understand you may not be diabetic, have heart disease, be overweight or malnourished, now, but how long will you be able to stay that way if you continue eating nothing except high carbs and fatty foods?

I don’t profess to have all of the answers to what’s the perfect diet for each individual. But, please, give some consideration to including lean protein and fresh produce in your diet. I’d hate to lose another friend, family member or client because they only wanted to consume their favorite foods or put such strict dietary restrictions on themselves they spend most of their time stressing over their next meal.

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